The success of a site is dependent not just on its specific content, but on the complete consumer experience and the latter may be tremendously affected by the network connection to the server where the site is hosted. An excellent site will do no good if, for example, a few individuals can surf around it very quickly, but the channel capacity is low, so other website visitors need to wait and aren't able to access anything, or if everybody can reach the website, but the overall network speed is lower, so it takes a minute to open a web page, let alone to load a huge image or an online video. The network capacity is a component that can have a major effect on your site, so it is something you must give some thought to when you decide where to host your websites. Superior throughput and access speeds will ensure swiftly loading websites and more happy website visitors.

2.5 Gbit Network Connectivity in Cloud Hosting

Our servers are positioned in three data centers around the globe - in the US, in the UK and in Australia. You'll be able to select the location of your new cloud hosting account during the signup process, but your visitors won't be able to tell the difference, as the multi-gigabit connection we use will guarantee rapid loading speeds for your Internet sites whatever the location of the facility you have chosen. The data centers have direct fiber lines to many major cities in their respective regions and use a variety of Internet backbone providers to guarantee quick and constant access to all the web servers. Additionally, we use new highly efficient hardware for the network that connects the groups on our cloud hosting platform, in order to guarantee speedy access to every website hosted on it.